Why Is the Retro Motion Designs Again In Trend?

Watching your favorite cartoon and recapitulating your childhood might have already been one of your hobbies now. After all, if you are a 90’s kid, you know how pop arts and bright psychedelic designs used to dominate the world of entertainment. But truth be told, retro motion designs are making a comeback in 2020. And every significant animation institute in Kolkata is trying to implement the best of what can be called ‘retro’ or ‘vintage’ motion.

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Reasons Why Retro Motion Design is Making a Comeback

So, coming back to the reasons why retro design is making a U-turn in this industry – you get to read this post. Let’s dive into the details without further delay. Be it graphic designing or animation, retro motion design has already discovered a room for itself. Here’s how:

1. Street art styles are back in fashion

In the world of graphic designing, street art styles do not have a sheer replacement. All thanks go to its graffiti-inspired styles and features! Exercising your creativity in aspects of graphic design can be possible by learning the techniques of street art styles.

2. Retro futurism combines the best of both the worlds

When you learn graphic design, you would want to create eye-catching designs. And when retro design becomes a part of your graphic design course in Kolkata, you get to combine the best of both worlds. Retro futurism is a vintage trend that lets you get a blend of futuristic and nostalgic elements to create praiseworthy designs.

3. Typography and color choices

It’s definitely a revamped trend that is taking the designing world by storm. Even if you want to pursue a 2D animation course in Kolkata, you cannot deny the significance of these elements. Typography has some retro elements in it, which helps the websites look updated and not old-school. It’s a fair amalgamation of vintage and modern designs.

4Beautiful motifs and patterns

In the year 1970, people witnessed beautiful cultural trends that influenced the graphic designing elements. With that, retro design trends got a revised version. Now, the world of designing includes colorful hippie and disco motifs & elements to bring back the 70s flavor in today’s designs. Some of the praiseworthy designs include the peace sign, flowers, disco balls, and more.

5. Simple shapes and structures add a natural flavor

In comparison to psychedelic style, 70’s designs showcased flat and simple shapes. And now, it is returning with a modern flavor to it. You can learn motion graphic design to get an idea of it.

It is always impactful to view what is familiar and nostalgic. Therefore, when the world’s biggest brands are seen recycling these designs, it feels great. If you want to learn the same, you can come to our Institute at Arena Animation Shyambazar for more details.