VFX Course
VFX Course

Enrol to Our VFX Course in Kolkata for a Dynamic Career

Visual effects of VFX is the lifeline of media and entertainment industry. Over the time, the industry has grown by leaps and bounds, leading to a huge paradigm shift in the entertainment sector. At Arena Shyambazar, our VFX course in Kolkata, provide you the right stepping stone to be a part of such a dynamic industry.

If you have a creative spark in you, and creativity is your driving force, you are at the right place. Our VFX training in Kolkata is a power-packed curriculum which facilitates you to hone up your skills. With us, you will learn the nitty-gritties of the visual effects used in films and media, to make a good use of your skills. Reach us today to know more.


Join Our VFX Training in Kolkata & Choose a Career Worth Pursuing

Easy to use, and compositing software has made VFX as an optimal choice, even for the independent VFX filmmakers of today. Moreover, there has been inclusion of new tools, new ideas and new concepts as well, in this dynamic sector. And keeping that in mind, we have designed our VFX training in Kolkata with the most up-to-date pedagogy as per the current industry needs. 

Our VFX institute in Kolkata focuses keenly on the skill development of the fellow candidates. After successful completion of our curriculum, you will emerge out as experts, all set to cater to the need of the industry. Join our VFX in Kolkata today, and choose a career worth pursuing.

What is VFX?

Visual effects, or in short VFX, is the art of creating either a new imagery, or altering and modification of an existing imagery, which is not possible to execute through a live-action shooting. The art of VFX enhances the visual communication in a motion picture and take it to a new dimension.

What are the Scopes of Our VFX Animation Course in Kolkata?

VFX is a composition of several components like animation, modelling, compositing effects, match moving, rotoscopic, rendering, matte painting and so on. As a result, VFX has pervaded almost every form of entertainment and visual communication in recent times.

With our VFX course in Kolkata, you can look forward t a promising career in a variety of sector & verticals. Some noted area of interest includes:

  • Film & Television: Feature films and television commercials is one of the most interesting sector which involves application of VFX. Especially in recent timed, Indian film industry has witnessed a lot of movies & motion pictures, with rigorous application of visual effects. So, once you land up at our VFX training institute in Kolkata, you eventually reach the gateway to be a part of such a dynamic sector.
  • Gaming Industry: Today, the concept of video games has changed to a huge extent. As a VFX artist, you can apply your creativity to create realistic games with top-notch visual effects. Our VFX course in Kolkata, teaches you to learn the needful skills, which helps you to cater to the need of the gaming industry.
  • E-Learning Platforms: An essential aspect of modern-day education is e-learning platform. It involves a lot of components regarding audio-visual communication. And application of visual effects is an indispensable part in this context. After successful completion of our VFX course in Kolkata, you can look forward to break through in this first-mover booming sector as well.

Apart from the pointers mentioned above, the scopes of VFX also spread across a lot of verticals in the sector of media and entertainment. Enrol yourself to our VFX course in Kolkata today to find seamless growth opportunities ahead.

What are the Career Options of Our VFX Course?

So far the media and entertainment industry is concerned, a VFX artist can look forward to a lot of career options in present day. Especially at Arena Shyambazar, our VFX course in Kolkata is one of the most scientific curriculum which helps you to look forward to a lot of career options in the near future. The noted ones include:

  • FX Artist
  • Lighting Artist
  • Clean-up Artist
  • Roto Artist
  • Rendering Artist
  • Match Mover Artist
  • Modeller
  • Matte Painter
  • Pre-Viz Artist
  • Compositor
  • Motion Graphics Artist
What are the Future Prospects of VFX?

Apart from the present day needs and requirements in the industry out there, VFX have some future prospects too, which are –

  • Building better virtual human
  • Creating synthetic massive environments
  • Standardizing and making good use of the pipeline tools
  • Advancement in digital VFX, reducing physical work to least possible
  • Application of off-side rendering
  • Introduction of GPU power in post-production pipeline
  • Advancement in digital film capture and workflow
  • Digital distribution of movies & motion pictures

By joining our VFX course in Kolkata, you can look forward to a brilliant future ahead with a lot of upcoming prospects. Be a part of the league today.

What Makes Arena Shyambazar, the Best VFX Institute in Kolkata?

Arena Shyambazar is claimed to be one of the best VFX institute in Kolkata, till date. Some key reasons to justify the claim includes:

  • Brilliant record of academic excellence
  • Time tested services for a considerable tenure
  • Several pass-out students working at reputed designations
  • Excellent panel of faculties
  • Rigorous classroom coaching
  • Hands on practical classes
  • Smart campus for modern day learning
  • Participation in live workshop and training
  • 100% placement assistance
  • Certificate accepted globally

Enrol yourself to our VFX course in Kolkata today.

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