What are the animation course fees in 2024?

Discover an exciting journey into the world of animation, visual effects, and more by exploring the numerous career opportunities offered by reputed institutions in Kolkata. As you delve into these fields, you may wonder about the cost of pursuing an animation course in Kolkata. The fees of animation course can vary widely, depending on factors such as the type of training, the expertise of the faculty members, and the materials and services provided by the institution. Let us explore a deeper understanding of the varying costs associated with animation courses and the factors that influence them.

let us first understand the term – animation?

The art of giving life to still images, objects, illustrations, 2D/ 3D generated characters is called animation. The method is based on the fact that a human eye can only focus on an image for a tenth of a second. Therefore, the brain perceives several images that flash before the eyes in rapid succession as one moving image.

Traditional animation used pictures drawn on transparent celluloid sheets and then being photographed. Early cartoons largely used this technique. However, today, most animation movies are created with CGI (computer-generated imagery).

things to remember about animation:

Animation is an effective storytelling medium that conveys complex narratives and emotions through visuals.
Technological advancements have expanded the possibilities of animation, from digital software to motion capture technology.

Animation is a global phenomenon, with studios and artists from around the world contributing to the medium.
Animated films and series often focus on important social issues and inspire audiences of all ages. The animation industry offers diverse career opportunities for skilled professionals.

A professional animation course is more affordable than a traditional 4-year university education.
Salaries in animation-related careers can vary with factors such as the specific industry, level of experience, and geographic location. However, the investment in professional training can pay off with increased earning potential in the long run.
Animation events provide a platform for animators to showcase their work and network with industry professionals.
The future of animation is filled with exciting possibilities, including advancements in AI-driven animation and immersive experiences.

animation courses in Kolkata

Students are moving away from mainstream college courses such as medicine, law or engineering and looking for newer and more interesting options available today. Courses or career paths such as design, film production, VFX and more are gaining popularity. Kolkata, being the third most populous metropolitan city in India, is growing rapidly in terms of creative education as well. Animation institutes in Kolkata are growing in the city as the demand is growing each day for animation courses.

These institutes have adapted learning syllabi and techniques that equip students with skills required by the current job market. They also have professional and highly skilled trainers who can help students grasp each concept with ease and assist them as necessary.

Animation institutes have also begun providing students with both online and offline materials that help them have theoretical knowledge that they can use for reference at any point in time.

what are the various animation courses available today?

A wide variety of animation courses are now offered to meet the needs of various skill levels, interests, and professional objectives. Some of the various animation courses available include:

  • Traditional Animation Courses
  • Computer Animation Courses
  • Stop Motion Animation Courses
  • Character Animation Courses
  • Motion Graphics Courses
  • Game Animation Courses
  • Visual Effects (VFX) Courses

what is the animation course fees in kolkata?

One of the crucial aspects of considering an animation course is the animation course fee in Kolkata, which often poses a significant concern for both students and parents. However, the good news is—certain institutes in the city offer affordable animation course fees, making it accessible to all students interested in pursuing this field. This affordability ensures that financial constraints do not hinder aspiring students from pursuing their animation journey and realising their creative potential.

A professional animation VFX course fees usually intimidates students. A college degree in animation can be expensive and time-consuming, but a professional course in media institutes is far more affordable. It also gives the student the flexibility to complete the course in a shorter period of time.

Students looking to start a career in Animation will enrol in a professional certificate course. These courses are structured to prepare students to efficiently work in the animation industry and it can often cost INR 50,000 to 2 lakhs and above. These courses are in huge demand because it is the best opportunity for students to shift their careers to a highly regarding one where the pay scale is much more than the traditional careers.

As the demand for courses increases, they tend to get less expensive, allowing students to learn skills for lower animation course fees. Students who need more time flexibility may consider subscribing to an online course without worrying about the cost. This may not be as efficient as an offline course, where an assigned faculty reviews your work and suggests improvements in real time.

Free training options are quite rare to find, but if found, they do not include advanced training or skills, which may not be enough for students to consider career change based on the training.

what is the animation course fees in different animation institutes in kolkata?

In addition to these options, students can explore specialised programmes offered by renowned institutes such as Arena Animation, Moople, and MAAC. For instance,

Arena Animation offers the 3D animation course consisting of Maya software of 8 months duration, for a fee structure of approx Rs 60,000/-. They also provide a career oriented Animation VFX prime program with a duration of 26 months for course fees of approximately Rs 2.60 lakhs.

Similarly, Moople offers a 3D Design and Animation programme lasting 18 months, with fees approximately amounting to 2.05 lakhs.

Meanwhile, MAAC provides the AD3D EDGE PLUS program – an Advanced Program in 3D Animation, with a duration of 24 months and fees of around 3.08 lakh. These specialised programs offer focused training in specific areas of animation and VFX, catering to the diverse needs and interests of aspiring animators and visual effects artists.

why is arena animation the best choice for affordable animation course fees in kolkata?

Arena Animation offers industry-aligned curriculum, experienced faculty, and state-of-the-art facilities which makes it the best choice for admission. Students gain the practical skills necessary for landing jobs in animation and visual effects or VFX through hands-on learning. Strong industrial ties at Arena Animation offer beneficial job placements and networking opportunities. Arena Animation ensures comprehensive training in animation and VFX by providing a variety of courses catered to different interests. Furthermore, its reputation as one of the top animation institutes in Kolkata is further supported by the success stories of its alumni. Arena Animation provides the perfect starting ground for budding VFX artists and animators.