Unreal Game Development Program

Unreal Game Development Program

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The gaming industry has grown exponentially over the last 2 decades, given the rise of home consoles, such as the Playstation and Xbox 360, as well as handheld avenues such as mobile gaming and portable consoles. However, growth also comes from quality, and games today are a comprehensive package, that is as dependant on its visuals and art style as it is on gameplay. Unreal is one of the most popular, widely used, open-source game engines in the industry right now, developing all kinds of games ranging from 2D mobile games to AAA consoles titles. Thus, we have introduced the Unreal Game Development Program that will transform students into professionally qualifi­ed video game developers, highly demanded in the gaming industry.

Students will learn how to create, develop, and run games on the Unreal Engine used by game professionals & studios worldwide to create world’s top games.


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Learning Outcomes

After learning this course, you can work on game development demos, create games and run them on Unreal Engine, create realistic – looking environments to stage them inside games, define custom inputs and movements to control characters, learn to script logic for games to define gameplay without the knowledge of coding and builds an entire demo game from scratch using Unreal Engine.

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10+2 (Any stream) / Undergraduates / Graduates – Fine Arts, Commerce, Science or Arts Students (Any Stream) having a creative bent of mind with passion for Design and Gaming.

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Course Duration -9 Months

(2 hours a day for 3 days a week) (Complete this course quickly by attending extra hours of classes)

Career Options

3D Game Developer, Unreal Game Developer, Unreal Engine Environment / Level Artist, Unreal Technical Artist , Unreal Designer

 Arena Game Development Program using Unreal Engine Modules
Introduction to Unreal Engine
Game Development – Level Editor
Game Development – Actors
Game Development – Blueprints
Game Development – Players and Input
Game Development – Collisions
Game Development – User Interfaces
Game Development – Working with Audio
Game Development – Packaging and Exporting Demo
Demo Game
3D Portfolio