Complete Guide to Visual Effects or VFX for Beginners

If you are an absolute beginner in the field of Visual Effects or you are just a passionate youngster who wants to enter into the world of VFX, explore and land a successful career- this is a perfect guide for you.

In this guide, you will be introduced to Visual Effects (VFX), the types, tools and software, the best VFX course in Kolkata, how it plays a role in modern cinema, career opportunities in this field and the future of VFX.

Let us begin with understanding what Visual Effects or VFX is

Visual Effects, abbreviated as VFX, is the process of producing digital imagery to enhance the real-world videos shot on the camera. In simpler terms, it is the process of creating sequences using tools that cannot be filmed in real life to provide an otherworldly experience.

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What are the steps in VFX?

The process of Visual Effects or VFX includes several stages starting from planning to the final integration into the film. Let us understand these stages in depth –


VFX artists create concept art and storyboards to envision the scenes that would require VFX enhancement. Basic 3D models and animations are also created to understand the camera angles, lighting and the overall output.


This involves filming actors and objects using green screens, motion graphics and reference photography to ensure that all necessary elements are captured correctly.


This step involves-

  • 3D modelling: Creating digital models of characters, props and environments.
  • Texturing: Adding textures to 3D models to make them look realistic.
  • Rigging: Building a skeleton for 3D models for animating.
  • Animation: Adding motion for characters and objects.
  • Simulation: Creating realistic effects like water, fire, smoke and explosion.
  • Lighting and rendering: adding lighting to scenes and rendering them to produce the final output.
  • Compositing: Rotoscoping, matte painting and match moving are included here.
  • Colour grading: Adjusting the colour and tone of the final footage for consistency and enhancing the overall look.

Review and Feedback:

This is one among the important steps in all creative fields. The incorporation of suggestions by experts in the field leads us to give the desired results.

Integration and Delivery:

All the elements are then integrated into the final shots ensuring that all the VFX meets the technical and artistic standards required. The completed VFX shots are finally delivered to the editing team to incorporate into the final cut of the film.

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The main types of VFX

There are many types of VFX that serve different purposes depending on the kind of the visuals you are looking to develop. They may differ in style and appearance but they all serve one purpose of catching the attention of the audience. Join Arena Animation, one of the best VFX institutes in Kolkata and gain knowledge on VFX by industry professionals.

The four main types of VFX are-


Computer-generated imagery is the most common form of Visual Effects. It is made entirely using VFX software so real-world footages are not used. Recent movies such as Inside Out 2, Kung Fu Panda 4, and The Garfield Movie are all examples of CGI animation. CGI is not only used for animated movies but CGI elements are also composited into the movies, such as Molli and Max in the Future.


Compositing is the method of combining multiple images into one. One of the main techniques in composting is filming using green screen, this is used mostly in the Marvel movies, where an actor films in costume with a green screen as background. While editing, the green screen is removed and backgrounds, other effects and additional characters are added using technology.

Motion Capture:

Motion capture, also known as Mocap, replicates the live performances in digital form. Actors wear specialised suits, usind advanced camera systems, the movement is converted into data. This data is then used to generate believable digital characters.


This is an animation technique where motion picture or live-action footage is traced frame by frame to create realistic motion in animated films. One of the examples for this is the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs movie of 1937.

Top 5 VFX Software for Beginners

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The Foundry’s Nuke:

Nuke is a flexible and adaptable compositing software. Advanced plug-ins for 3D camera tracking, cleaning, and adjustments are included. With more than 200 nodes and a scalable node graph, it is node-based and allows for high-end compositing without requiring the re-rendering of CG parts.

Nuke is used by DreamWorks Animation, Sony Pictures Animation, Blizzard Entertainment, and Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Adobe After Effects:

After Effects is a video compositing software used for filmmaking, video games, and all sorts of post-production. Moreover, it can be applied to animation, tracking, and keying. It has excellent templates with adjustable components that might help you save a ton of time.

Blackmagic Design Fusion:

Blackmagic Fusion is one of the best VFX software tools for pro projects that demand industry-grade renderings, used in Avatar, Matrix, X-Men, and Game of Thrones.

It provides options for cataloguing, organising, editing, altering, and combining various video projects and is integrated into the video editing program DaVinci Resolve.


Beginners would benefit most from Blender, a cross-platform, free, open-source 3D creation software. With its integrated compositor, you may post-produce renders without leaving the application.

Additionally, you may import and follow Raw footage, and mask areas, and rebuild camera movements in real-time within your 3D scene with camera and object tracking.

Filmora Pro:

FilmoraPro is an easy-to-use timeline-based video editor that allows you to work with an infinite number of video tracks in one project. Additionally, complete support for 4K 100FPS editing is provided, allowing users to customise the resolution and frame rate.

The workspace may be customised to show the tools you are using on a particular project, and the user interface is easy to use.

VFX in Modern Cinema

Visual Effects or VFX in modern cinema have changed the way stories are told in recent times, allowing filmmakers to create stunning experiences that transport audiences to another reality. By combining CGI with camera shot footages, VFX artists can bring imaginary worlds, characters and action sequences to life. An example for this is Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame (2019), where VFX was important in showing battles, creating the character of Thanos, and generating the whole film’s otherworldly environments. These movies prove how VFX not only improves visual storytelling but also pushes the limitations of what is cinematically possible, attracting audiences and setting new standards in the industry.

Career Opportunities in VFX

Let us check out some exceptional career roles that you can pursue after the completion of a professional VFX course in Kolkata –

  1. VFX Artist
  2. 3D Modeler
  3. Compositor
  4. Motion Graphics Artist
  5. Texture Artist
  6. Lighting Artist
  7. Rotoscoping Artist
  8. Matte Painter
  9. VFX Supervisor
  10. Technical Director

The Future of VFX

Visual Effects or VFX has become one of the important aspects of animation today. The growth of Animation and VFX are witnessing transformative advancements resulting in the finest creation of engaging and interactive animations that have influenced the minds of the audience and businesses operating across other sectors.

With real-time rendering, virtual sets, and AI creating stunning visuals in film, games, and animation. Sustainability is also a growing focus, with studios adopting green practices to lessen their environmental impact. The future of VFX is brimming with potential, promising even more immersive experiences and powerful storytelling.

In conclusion,

VFX is one of the ever-growing fields today, and your interest and passion can drive you to heights of achievement. Enroll yourself in a VFX course today in Arena Animation in Kolkata and equip yourself with the required skills to succeed as a VFX artist. This institute offers the best knowledge in the industry, with well-experienced trainers, placement assistance and a very affordable VFX course fee.