Graphic Design Basics: A Complete Guide for Beginners

Do you want to dive into the creative world of Graphic design? Are you willing to learn the rapidly growing skill and make a career in the field? You have landed at the right place, here you will find a guide to navigate through your journey with Graphic design!

Being a beginner in this field can be intimidating but with the right graphic designing course, coaching, support, resources and interest, you can excel in it. Becoming a Graphic designer takes time, money and effort in learning but the process is also creative and fun when done the right way.

What is Graphic Design?

In simple terms, Graphic design is a creative process that compiles visual elements, typography, and images to convey a message to the potential consumer effectively. Graphic design is everywhere, starting from the screen you are currently reading to your toothpaste.

Definition of Graphic Design:

Graphic design is the practice of producing visual content to convey messages, whether creatively expressing ideas or commercially communicating messages and concepts through graphical and textual elements. It involves the use of graphics, typography, and images to effectively communicate ideas. Graphic designers can engage in both print and digital media.

It plays an important role in communicating with the audience and ensuring the impact of a product, campaign, project, or event. If you are interested in delving into the world of Graphic design, considering a Graphic designing course in Kolkata or visiting the best Graphic design institute in Kolkata could be a major step in this journey.

Fundamentals of Graphic Design

A Graphic designer should know the fundamentals of design elements. These design elements are what make or complete a design project.

  1. Line– Lines are one of the basic elements of Graphic design. They play the role of connecting points and they can be thin, thick, wavy, zigzag or in any other form. They are used as textures, patterns and backgrounds, to draw attention to weight, style and colour, because they convey different emotions to the audience.
  2. Colour– Colour is one of the most important Graphic design elements. It evokes different feelings in the viewer. Colour may also seem like the easiest element since it can be applied to any element or shape but it is not. However, learning Colour Theory, helps you understand the right use of colours and the kind of messages they carry.
  3. Shape– It is one of the most basic elements. Shapes are measured by their height and width and defined by lines, colour and negative space. Shapes have two types- Organic shapes are shapes that can be drawn freehand and found in nature and geometric shapes are shapes that can only be drawn using rulers or compasses.
  4. Size– The size of an element bigger or smaller in Graphic design catches your attention.
  5. Texture– Graphic design is visual based and not physical based so it is important to display the look and feel of the design to the human eye. The physical texture of anything can be depicted using illustrations.
  6. Space– Space is a crucial element in design but is always underestimated by most beginners. Blank space in a design is necessary as it gives rest to the viewers’ eyes and allows them to focus on other elements in the design.
  7. Typography– Typography is the appearance of textual elements. It is important to choose the right font, size, colour and placement, to evoke the right emotion and meaning. The font should go well with the message you want to convey to your audience.

Top Graphic Design Tools

Today, designers have more options for Graphic design tools compared to earlier that suit all their needs according to the growing technology. Let us find out the top Graphic design tools-

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Affinity Designer
  • Procreate
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Corel Draw
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Figma
  • Canva

Why are Graphic Design Skills important?

Today we live in a world that highly relies on visual media which has placed Graphic Design on the top. We see design everywhere, and every organisation needs a Graphic designer to help them convey their objective to the world.

With the growing demand, youngsters want to learn graphic design. This has raised the number of institutions offering Graphic design courses. These graphic design courses equip the students with the required skills to make an impact in their careers.

  • Impactful communication
  • Improving user experience
  • Fostering innovation
  • Mastering the latest tools and techniques

Best Graphic Design Course for Beginners

Beginners interested in Graphic design can choose from the varied options available to them. Graphic Design is offered as a Cetificate course, Bachelor’s degree in colleges, diploma course, and short-term courses in institutes dedicated to design specifically, online courses are also available or individuals can also attend boot camps to build an idea of the skill and learn very basic concepts. However, a beginner can opt for a Graphic design course from a reputable graphic design institute that trains them based on their interest in short period of time, with a highly experienced team of faculty. This helps them learn better and more efficiently.

Why should one pursue a Graphic designing course in Kolkata?

Kolkata holds a good reputation for academic excellence and is home to prestigious educational institutions along with various other reasons.

  • Graphic design institutes in Kolkata provide in-depth knowledge instructed by well-experienced faculty members who are experts in their fields.
  • Institutes here hold pride in the high-end technology they provide, including well-equipped classes, computer labs with the latest software, and specialised equipment necessary for animation production. Students have access to industry-standard tools and technology to enhance their learning experience.
  • Graphic designing colleges in Kolkata have good opportunities for students to gain practical experiences through internships, workshops and seminars.
  • Aspiring young designers will find inspiration in the city’s rich artistic environment and diverse culture. Students’ creativity and innovation are fostered by the varied cultural influences of Kolkata, which inspire design projects.
  • Compared to other cities in India, Kolkata’s cost of living is lesser which makes it affordable and accessible for all the students to pursue Graphic design courses.

Top Graphic design institutes in Kolkata

Arena Animation, Kolkata:

Arena Animation is one of the best graphic design institutes in Kolkata with multiple centres across the city which include Chowringhee, Shyambazar, Behala, Gariahat and others. They have branches all over India. They offer a wide range of courses in graphic design, animation, VFX, and multimedia. With an industry-relevant curriculum and industry trained experienced faculty, they offer the most affordable graphic design course fees in Kolkata  which is accessible by all means of transport. They also provide 100% Placement assistance and prepare students for successful careers in the design industry.

Webel Animation Academy:

Webel DQE Animation Academy is an animation institute with its centre located at Salt Lake electronics Complex Kolkata, They specialise in degree programs in animation, graphic design, and multimedia, They offer industry-oriented courses designed to meet the demands of the design industry. They provide students with a team of experienced training faculties, hands-on training and practical skills required for a successful career in design & animation.


Frameboxx is a well-established design institute with a centre located in Chowringhee, Kolkata. They offer courses in animation, VFX, graphic design, and multimedia. Frameboxx provides students with comprehensive training and practical exposure to industry-standard tools and techniques. Their focus is on skill development and creativity, Frameboxx prepares students to meet the challenges of the booming industry.

However, among all the institutes – Arena Animation is the oldest with 27 years of experience and having the best placements in the industry. You can visit them or call them if you are interested in joining a graphic design course.