10 Stunning Graphic Design Trends:

The advent of a new year is often a signal of refreshing ideas. So, as 2020 begins, the graphic design world already comes up with revolutionary ideas. And if you want to learn graphic design, apparently these trends are must-learn for this year.

1. Cyberpunk color schemes

Futuristic themes in graphic design are expressed by colors. Bright and vibrant hues that you do not see in nature! The colors oftentimes are associated with cyberpunk, which is a sci-fi genre, usually depicting neon-infused and dark cities. Every good graphic design course in Kolkata is incorporating the same elements.

2. Street art styles

Street art and graffiti are dominating trends having a retro appeal. They conjure up images of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. In 2020, the same trend is highly praised as it is not a mere comeback trend. The return of street art to graphic design is one of the best things ever in the universe of designing.

3. Ultra-thin geometry

Lines are the prerequisite elements of graphic design. After all, it describes the nature and form of any particular object. And geometrical lines illustrate the objects (b犀利士
oth man-made &technological). They have a metallic look yet drift like smokes.

4. Paper cut-out collages

Designers try crafting the authentic experiences for audiences. And there’s no better way to do this than trying hands-on retro literal arts &crafts! If you want a career in graphic design, you can learn these trends via courses. This is where we can be your help at Arena Animation Shyambazar.

5. Typography

Ever wondered hand lettering combined with a big personality? This is where typography can be your forte. In this digital age, everything should make an immediate sense to users. And typography becomes a functional option by necessity.

6. Dystopian aesthetic

A dystopian aesthetic is finding the voice in each medium ever imaginable. It’s quite the opposite to utopia and generally refers to futuristic and fictional worlds. Imaginary aspects play a fundamental role in this type of designing. We help you master the art of creating such designs at our Arena Animation Shyambazar Institute. You can reach out to us today.

7. Hyper-pastiche

An inspiring vintage look has to be included in any graphic design trend list. And hyper-pastiche is just one of them. And designers make sure that they revive not just one but all eras and combine the design.

8. Constant animation sequences

As an animation institute, Arena already knows the importance of animation to bring a brand to life! And it happens in forms of micro-interactions &explanatory motion graphics. Constant animation sequences are just a part of the animation that designers feel praiseworthy to reach out to the target audience.

9. Bevels and chisels

By designing 3D forms out of the hard lines, the bevels &chisels trend comes back to its classic struggle between flat and skeuomorphism design. If you want to master the art, you can join us at the Shyambazar institute. We will teach you how its end result becomes flat images resembling tantalizingly real to touch. But for that, you need dedication!

10. Live data visualization

Well, this is another amazing graphic design trend of 2020. Here, designers require showcasing information in such a manner that it adapts to enough changes & dynamically animates.

So, that’s it. These are the top 10 graphic design trends that you can learn via enrolling into a graphic design course in Kolkata!