How do to become a good animator?

If we look at the global animation industry, it has taken a huge leap in the past few years. The scope of animation and visual effects in the media and entertainment industry has opened up doors for a lot of creative people.

In this scenario, India is emerging as one of the leaders in the international market. Studios and production houses in the West are supporting India in building a strong foundation for animation artists. Back here, you can find an animation course in Kolkata that is helping students to get a lucrative career and making them animation artists.

Just knowing or reading about animation is not enough. If a student is interested in animation, they must take up an animation course in a reputed institute or college. An animation course is all about visualizing and creating a world using one’s imagination. Using creative imagination forms a major part of animation along with a story and there are no boundaries regarding what you can imagine and create. So, if you want to pursue your career as an animator, you will definitely be looking to get a salary structure of Rs. 20000-25000 per month at the initial stage. 

Entering the Animation World

As a student of animation, you’ll need to learn to use a few specific software and latest techniques such as 2D hand drawing, 2D and 3D computer-generated graphics, stop motion or model animation to create an animation sequence. Traditional animation used pictures drawn on transparent celluloid sheets and then being photographed. Early cartoons largely used this technique. However, today, most animation movies are created with CGI (computer-generated imagery). 

So, if you have some creative skills, and wish to use your imagination to create something beautiful and unique, an animation course is the right choice for you. 

Overall, this industry has a great scope for establishing a professional career. If you have an interest in creating exclusive designs, drawings, and creativity, then the animation industry can be the best way to follow your passion. You can also join 3D Animation Courses in Kolkata to upgrade your skills.

But, here comes the question of how to become a good animator. So, let us explore what it needs to be an animator.

Do you know who an animator is?

If you have an interest in creating 2D or 3D animation or VFX that are done for commercials and television shows, then you must start with the basics. You will need to join a proper course to start your journey of becoming an animator and being a part of film, video games, and even the streaming OTT industry.

The role of an animator is to create animation sequences through computer generated software. It is a very rewarding and lucrative career. And, after completing your course in animation, you can apply for the post of 2D/3D Animator, Concept Artist, Games Developer, Illustrator, VFX artist, 3D Modeler, Lighting Artist, 3D Creative Designer, Art Director etc….

Anyone who is good in drawing skills with basic creativity can become an animator. All you have to do is join a reputed animation course in Kolkata and then follow your passion with creating great content. They will help you to develop further skills so that you can be part of the fast growing animation sector.

Roadmap for beginners

If you want to work as a freelancer, then work on a project basis and get paid accordingly. You can join motion pictures, video game studios, and even advertising agencies. 

But, if you want to join as a full-time animator, then look for studios and production houses. You can join any company at the entry level and then grow along with your work and position. For entry-level, you can apply for the post of modeler, storyboard artist, junior compositor and junior animator. 

If you want to switch to a mid-level position, then you can join as a character designer, background designing artist, animator, layout artist, and even compositor.

As you develop your skills, portfolio, and working experience, you can join as a senior-level animator. Here you can apply for the position of animation technical director, art director, special effect director, or head of the story. 

Steps to becoming a good animator

How to become an animator is the basic question and you just need 3 qualities to shine through – a proper degree in animation, special training, and experience.  

Now, let’s get to know how you can build your career as an animator and also the hacks that can help you to achieve success in this field.

1. Get admission to an animation institute

You will find several options which you can pursue for learning animation. You can choose from online classes, a crash course, or a proper step by step learning course from any institute which starts you from the basics i.e hand drawing. Hand drawing is a very important part of learning animation and even today before using any software, animators do rough sketches, specially in 2D animation. The duration of this course could range from 12 months to roughly 18 months.

But, we, being an expert in this domain, always suggest learning from professionals and getting a proper certification and building a portfolio or showreel that you can show the employers. And, for that, you must join any reputed Animation Institute in Kolkata. Look for an animation course in Kolkata.

This will help you to gain more experience, and you can learn in-hand. Moreover, when you start applying for a job, most high-end companies will look at the certification and evaluate your portfolio as their qualifying criteria. 

Also, you get to know many tools and how to use and apply them to create animation content. Basically, online courses can help you to gain theoretical knowledge, but you can only build a base through practical experience. Moreover, the teachers or mentors can help you to understand the fundamentals and also clear your doubts, and improve your skills.

2. Understanding your strength and weakness

It is true that nobody is perfect, and neither is an animator. But, they definitely have the scope to polish his/her skills and provide quality content. If the audience approves or likes your content, you have already succeeded in achieving your mark in the field. But, for that, you have to understand what are your strengths and weaknesses while working on any animation project. 

You must give yourself enough time to develop your skills or join any 3D Animation Courses in Kolkata. Concentrate on the areas in which you are not so good, such as editing software, creating designs, drawing, etc. You also need to work on understanding the body language of real-life people so that you can implement it on your still objects. 

Thus, start developing your observational skills. Be specific about the emotions that you want to recreate with your characters. Also, you must be cooperative to work with a huge team because, in the end, well-built content is the result of good teamwork. Also, learn to take feedback positively, work on them and push yourself to achieve the best.

3. Create a standout portfolio

Every job requires you to submit your details, such as your working skills and educational qualification. So, you must work towards building a supportive and stellar portfolio. Joining an institute, an animation course in Kolkata can be the stepping stone toward a well-built portfolio. 

Basically, you need to work piece by piece and then create a portfolio that has an attractive bio and also can be hosted online. We would suggest you add a short demo reel that signifies your content creation capabilities or leaves a good impression about your working areas. 

You must also include the details of every work and project you have been part of. You need to create something new, and fresh and have a strong grasp on the viewer. Also, add a vivid background about you and your interest. Get admission to any 3D Animation Courses in Kolkata to add significant value to your威而鋼

If your institute has taught you about common as well as advanced software that is being used to create animations, then you must include them as well. Use them to create a good piece that can act as a sample to get a good salaried job.

4. Expand your work experience

While you are studying at an Animation Institute in Kolkata, you must not skip the chance to join any internship programs. You can also take up freelancing jobs in reputed animation studios. This would help you to gain experience working on a variety of projects and also connect you to the core industry. 

Moreover, you get to explore beyond the classroom and learn from real-life situations. This would also help you to secure a full-time job right after you complete your course in animation. You must agree that simply building a portfolio is not enough, and you have to put effort and time, to achieve the development that you are looking for. 

So, talk to professionals who are already established in this field. Get to know about their success path. Try to volunteer with them or any organization. And, remember, always be selective. 

You just cannot join any freelancing work for the sake of earning money. Rather, opt for only the organization that has a proper establishment. This will extend your learning scope and will also leave a positive impression on the recruiter. Also, 3D Animation Courses in Kolkata can be a great support to enhance your experience.

Looking for a good animation course?

If you are highly engraved by the career growth that the animation industry has to offer you, then it’s time to join a good animation course. 

With a proper course that starts you from the basics, you can become industry ready and also prepare yourself for the future scope of work. You get to know about modeling, texturing, drawing, lighting, rigging, rendering etc. Usually, these courses come in the form of modules, where you get to choose between compulsory and option. 

Animation courses include

Interactive computer graphics and software, the concept of virtual reality, game designs, and implementing different software to create videos or storyboards. Mastering the art of human-computer interaction and accounting. 

Other than this, you also get to build on improving your communication, visualization, learning about anatomy and mostly good observational skills. These are just a few to be named, and the courses take progress as you step from beginners to intermediate to advanced level.

So, choose the course that can help you to develop the area that you are interested in. Suppose you like 3D animation, then join the 3D animation courses in Kolkata.

Always go for a reputed institution

The major benefit of choosing a reputed institute is that you can gain several possibilities to choose from. At present, the entertainment industry, starting from films, streaming media, web to video game development, is seeking to hire a pool of animators. So, their requirement is huge and an explorative career option. 

Since the idea of animation imparts a fun and unique career path, you can shine through by joining Arena Animation or Zee Institute of Creative Arts. Thanks to these institutes, students are getting easy access to learn animation in the comfort of a classroom program. Talking about the animation Course Fees in Kolkata, it is quite affordable, and you do not have to break the bank. Moreover, learning from an Arena Animation institute also supports various education schemes to put ease into getting admission. They are helping to expand the horizon by implementing tailor-made courses and different animation styles in their curriculum. 

Starting from text to CGI, you get to learn everything in one complete package. If you are an aspiring animator, then Arena Animation is the perfect stepping stone for you.


Above all, hard work is the key to success. You must keep on learning, practicing, and taking on freelance jobs or get registered for workshops to keep developing your skills. This way, you can also stay updated about the latest demand in the industry. Alongside this, joining an animation course in Kolkata is the best option that you have got to achieve success in the animation industry.