Why Pursue Animation Course After 12th?

In a world full of creativity and innovation, finding a job that allows you to share your creative side can be very fulfilling. The very fact that enticing animations in movies, television shows and advertisements have become an integral part of the entertainment industry depicts a paradigm shift. This article goes into the details of why studying animation course after 12th can transform budding animators’ lives, especially focusing on what Arena Animation Shyambazar offers – which is one of the best animation institute in Kolkata for learning Animation.

The Booming Animation Industry:

The demand for professional animators has been growing over the past few years due to the appearance of visually appealing content on different platforms. However, from cinema to streaming platforms – animation has become the most crucial component of storytelling and visual communication.

3D Animation and Visual Effects are relatively recent additions that have opened up new areas of technology beyond what was once achieved by 2d Animation. This transformation serves  a wide variety of options for young and creative people to make use of their interest in animation, thereby developing an attractive career.

Choosing the Right Animation Course after 12th:

Deciding after 12th grade to choose an animation course is a life-altering decision. Not only does it satisfy your creative drive, but you also get the technical skills needed for succeeding in a highly competitive animation world. Arena Animation Shyambazar, which is known to be one of the best animation institutes in Kolkata provides a full detailed syllabus for its students focusing on gradual learning from the basics.

The animation course delves in various subjects such as basic concepts of animation, character design, and storyboarding skills along with modern 3D techniques. The hands-on approach to learning embeds practical experience in students making them prepared for the challenges presented by the dynamic field of animation.

Exploring animation courses after 12th in Kolkata:

Animation course acts as a doorway for students to enter the fascinating realm of visual storytelling. In Kolkata City, which is the cultural capital of India, the need for qualified animators has increased considerably. By attending animation colleges in Kolkata, aspiring artists can capitalize on their artistic flair and enjoy the lively creative environment of this city.

Why Choose 3D animation course in Kolkata:

A specialized 3D animation course in Kolkata offers a distinctive advantage for those wishing to explore the realm of animated movies more extensively. These courses cover areas such as modeling, texturing, rigging, and animation that would prepare students for the growing needs of the animation industry.

Benefits of Pursuing animation courses after 12th:

Unlocking Creative Potential:

Animation course after 12th grade allows people to exploit their potential for creativity. Animation allows people to create their characters, write engaging stories, and incorporate montage effects in unlimited ways.

Diverse Career Opportunities:

There are numerous career prospects within the animation industry that belong to diverse sectors in media and entertainment. Students of animation course can work in the production of films, television programs, advertising materials for games, and even educational content. The skills of animation are numerous and versatile, which means that people can find a career path of their choice.

Rising Demand for Animation Professionals:

The need for high-standard animation in movie commercials as well as internet content has caused higher demand for professional animators. By pursuing animation studies after the 12th grade, students can set themselves up to meet this need and become part of the industry.

Arena Shyambazar is the best animation institute in Kolkata, providing a suitable environment for learning and perfecting abilities of doing animations. The animation courses are developed not only to teach learners about technical aspects of animation but also create room for imparting creativity and innovation. With the help of world class infrastructure, qualified faculties and career-oriented curriculum, Arena Shyambazar students get an opportunity to get placed in the best production houses in the country.


Students who want to pursue animation course after 12th have a flair for creativity and love telling new stories may take this step of joining animation through the various courses offered by the institute. There has been an rapid growth in the animation industry which is due to the increasing demand for professionals who are capable of producing high-quality animated work.

Arena Shyambazar is the top animation institute in Kolkata which provides a platform for those students looking to develop their talent and attain the skills needed for achieving successful careers.

So, if you have a creative streak that needs to be nurtured and you want an entry into the world of animation then take admission in an animation course in Kolkata. Release your dream and create your way to a bright future filled with joy in this breathtaking world of animation.