Social Media Marketing Courses To Boost Your Skill

Social Media is one of the prominent creation happens in our lives. Truly, starting from personal to professional,small business to MNCs everywhere Social Media marketing play a huge role.

Statistically, it shows more than 70% business expands due to strong social media activities and promotions. Hence, nowadays every companies are searching for an expert in social media marketing, many institutes are offering digital marketing courses in Kolkata. Undoubtedly this is getting huge day by day.

So, today in this article we are going to discuss about “Social Media Marketing Courses to boost your skill” ….

If you search for social media marketing courses you will get numerous article, number of videos. But Knowing and learning are two different thing isn’t it? So which one to follow and which is not worth it, is tough job to decide .Today we are sharing with you top 4 courses to boost your skill. It’sgoing to be exciting so, let’s begin….

1. Deadbeat Super Affiliate :

“DeadBeat Super Affiliate Reloaded” is the new launchedcourse. The guy name Dan brock who is teaching people about whole of online marketing. It is a 23 lesson course with one-time payment 17$. Pretty less considering other courses.

Firstly, in one word “entertaining”. The way Dan present its video is actually very engaging. In these 23 lessons many topics covered such as Google keyword, how to start blogs, How to build an affiliate website from beginning, how to engage audiences and so on.

And moreover, Dan brock is a frequent YouTuber, hence if you follow his page. You stay updated with also online marketing related issues.

This course gives a solid foundation. Hence no matter if you are a beginner or a Pro. You can try this course out.

2. Distilled U:

Surely, you have heard about this. This course is one of the most popular course you will come across online. This is an online university where you can sign up and become a Social Marketing genius. This course provides 133 hours of advanced HD video content and hyper interactive modules, this program allows you to learn at your own pace. Demo Versions are available, where you can explore only 3 modules or go all in for the full account.

This course is all about teaching you some of those core SEO skills. The cost required will befree access to three modules. Premium plans are $40.00 per month or save with an annual plan at $33.00 per month.

Give it a try. It will be worth it.

3. DMM Program :

Digital Marketing & Metrics (DMM) is a Professional Program offered by Sp Jain School of Global Marketing. It trains student for the first growing digital marketing world. To boost your social marketing skill and know more about digital world this course is a good choice. The program is unique in that it covers both the theory and application of digital marketing tools and techniques like content development, inbound marketing, social media marketing and evaluation of campaigns.

Follow three core pillar of learning. They are:

  • Classroom learning & exposure
  • Simulated and real-time execution in the ‘Digital Lab’
  • Capstone Project

They offers 480 hours of classroom training, Face-to-face lessons with Indian and international faculties and 2 month full-time internship with well-knownagencies. What else do you need?

4. Market Motive :

Here comes, another well-known course “Market Motive”. This course contain multiple learning modules with workbooks, exercises, quizzes, student and faculty forums, and a final exam. Each course includes webinar access. Social media courses contain many learning modules through workbooks, quizzes, exercises, student plus faculty forum, and a final examination. Each course comprises a webinar starter.

It’s a very rewarding course with individual cost $299.00 for a monthly membership or $1,995.00 for a ten-week coached course. Special pricing is available for teams and universities.

There are more than 100 courses if you search for. The more these marketing world increasing the more courses are been introduced. These are 4 courses we believe will a worth trying. So if want be a pro in this field try it out. Keep learning and be an expert.

That’s it from our side. We will be back soon. Stay tuned.