Career opportunities in Indian VFX industry

If we go through the changing job market in India, then it has already opened up multiple career options, and the sector which is witnessing the maximum growth is the Media & Entertainment industry where there is huge demand for VFX artists and Animators.  As technology is constantly evolving, people are getting more engaged in the entertainment sector to offer out-of-the-box content. Healthy competition has been witnessed among different animation studios, as there is more and more content that is being produced over the past few years.

The huge demand for content can be seen in content involving web series, movies, OTT, commercials, etc. Thus, the directors and producers are highly engaging VFX specialists and animators who can create genuine content that would capture the media market.

Even the Indian government is looking at a plan that would help Animation and VFX artists to flourish throughout the country, in the form of giving loans and subsidies and providing support. So, it is time to enroll in a VFX institute in Kolkata and learn VFX. This mass development will create nearly 2 million job openings by 2030.

Through the “Create In India” campaign, the plan focuses on creating domestic content. Today India holds 1% of the market, and the goal is to accelerate to 6% by 2030.

So, let’s get to understand what qualities a VFX artist must have so that they can easily get hired by popular media houses.

Qualities Media Houses are looking for in VFX Artists

To produce a refined work, a VFX or animated specialist should have knowledge, skills, and certification respectively. They must specialize in a particular area, have completed VFX training in Kolkata and be able to create realistic content.

Moreover, they must always be in a continuous learning process and get to know about the latest trends and development in the media & entertainment industry. This will help to deliver the result that the client is expecting and well within the specified time period.

Other than this:

  • One needs to understand the project and create a framework so that the goals and objectives can be put into real-life action. This also includes analyzing the client’s budget and putting it to good use.
  • The entire planning must be done before starting the project. This gives an overall idea of where the road map would lead to.
  • Planning the project also includes designing the special effects, models, required tools, and animation applications and software that would be utilized to create the end product.
  • Working on a project is not done single-handedly, especially in the case of VFX & Animation. So, to get better results coordinating with the entire team is very much important.
  • One needs to be well-versed with each and every person working with the team
  • There would be not only the VFX & Animation specialists but also professionals from other fields, including artists, supervisors, producers, etc. So, one needs to form a good network and strong relations with these individuals for the required output.
  • Communication skills should be powerful so that the client is pleased about the ongoing project.

Before the completion of the project, timely meetings should be held to keep the client updated about the progress and whether any changes are required or not. Feedback is important to complete a project as per the requirements of the client.

5 VFX Job profiles that are in High Demand in India

If we look at various job listing sites, then 5 VFX sectors are highly in demand in 2023. You can easily join VFX training in Kolkata to get certification in VFX. The list includes:

Compositing artist

Visual effects must be merged with the backgrounds to provide a seamless appearance. This ensures that the viewer does not get distracted while watching the video. The job of the compositor is to create an experience that won’t have any kind of visual disturbance. The individual needs to merge VFX and live-action without glitches and provide a realistic experience to the viewer.

Layout artist

If we divide the VFX project into segments, then it includes the pre-production and pre-visualization process. This is where a layout artist comes into action. His /Her duty is to place the foundation where the visuals need to be incorporated. It is their duty to understand the script, create templates and ensure to provide a storyboard. His /Her duty also includes setting the camera angles for perfect scene creation.

Rendering artist

Rendering artist is another high-profile VFX specialist job which is in high demand these days. Going by the studios and production houses, their job is to turn the 3D models into real-life experiences or visuals that you usually view on the screen. They provide a complete transformation to the project and make it an ideal visual experience.

Matte painter

This is the most creative job profile you will see in the VFX industry, and their duties are to take ideas from photographs, sketches, and other references, which act as visual ideas to turn these into a realistic VFX scene. Their duty is to design how the actions will take place within the video. They have received this VFX training in Kolkata from reputed institutes like Arena Animation, Zee Education etc..

Match Mover Artist

This individual is typically an expert in 3D as well as 2D creation. He has to merge both these animation criteria, work on CGI, track the movement and ensure the creation of computer-generated graphics that look natural and real. Their duty is to include life-action footage along with proportions and movements to show that you are not taking your eyes off the screen.

Other than this, there are a bunch of career options that are waiting for you to explore as the VFX world is ever-evolving. If you are ambitious, you can try out the VFX course in Kolkata and create a path for yourself.

Where to apply to learn VFX?

As the project accelerates, the procedure and the steps get much clearer. So, if you have these qualities and can cope with these terms, then you must immediately apply for an animation or VFX course in Kolkata.

There are different types of visual effect segments in VFX that include pre-visualization, asset management, art, research and development, VFX simulation, lighting, match motion, and production. Based on your skills and the field in which you want to specialize, you can choose any of the departments.

Education Qualification to Crack Dream VFX Job

If you have the zeal and passion for becoming a part of the entertainment and media industry, then you must learn VFX. In order to learn VFX, you have to choose the right course that will help you specialize in that particular area. There is a vast array of courses that reputed institutions offer in Kolkata.

Usually, the course syllabus and curriculum tend to vary from one institution and another.

Other than this, there are certificate programs as well, which include compositing, image processing, editing, creating models, etc.

Which Institute should you choose for a successful VFX career?

At present, Arena Animation, Zee Education and a few others have been making a difference in the VFX and Animation education sector. They have designed a VFX course in Kolkata that covers from basics to the advanced level .These institutes also has mentors who have been in this profession for years and have been associated with top media houses and studios.

Other than this, the learning scope is vast that includes the latest tools and software used. After 10+2, one can apply for either a full-time course or opt for crash courses. The Course Fee should also be within the budget, and the students can opt for various educational loans that will help them ease the payment.

Overall, Arena Animation, Zee Education and a few others provide the space where you can learn and grab your dream job in the VFX sector. However Arena Animation is the only VFX institute in Kolkata that is currently offering a Dual program wherein you can learn both VFX & Animation.

What are the Benefits of Choosing the VFX Course?

VFX is considered to be the most creative art field in the entertainment industry. Here, you get to show your creativity and create content that is out of the box. It helps to push your limit, and you also get to collaborate with seniors who have been in this profession for a long time.

You can also get work on projects which are associated with big names in the Bollywood & Hollywood movie sector. If you love VFX, then you must be planning to join a studio or a production house, such as Red Chillies Entertainment or Industrial Light or Magic or Pixar. These involve big budget projects and have exposure in the international market also. This can give you the scope to push the limits and grow in your field.

How to Crack a VFX Job Interview?

If you want to get the job, you must start your preparations while doing your VFX course in Kolkata from a reputed institution. You must also get engaged in internships, there are many top studio programs, and this would be the most viable opportunity.

Here you can understand how to create demos or meet people who would motivate you. Also, you get to know about the vast scope of studying VFX.

The fact is that – these qualities could add extra weight to your CV. You get the chance to be mentored and work with professionals who have been in this field for years.

Also this will help you take the risk of dealing with difficult projects and accomplishing them within the given time. You must create a demo to show your work and journey to date, experience with learning new tools, and trending topics related to VFX.

What are the skills that employers look for in a VFX professional?

Employers look for two types of skills that is – Hard Skills and Soft Skills.

Hard Skills

The hard skills include what you have learned from your institution and a certificate of specialization. Here you need to understand in-depth -anatomy, graphic design, and photography. Other than this, you must have good observation skills.

There is no special quality that is required to become a professional, but you must learn the technical skills required in this field, which includes – 3D modeling, Motion Graphics, Photoshop, Maya, etc.

Soft Skills

Other than this, the soft skill required is clarity with the client about the goal and clearing your doubts. You have to be creative enough to design images and characters that viewers would love to watch and creating superior quality graphics that include the latest trends.

You must also be very professional in your work and treat every individual equally, including – sound designers, voiceover artists, etc. Must be open to feedback, keep communication, and document the entire track.

Tracking the Salary in the VFX Job Profile

Social media and OTT platforms are the reason why people are glued to the television or mobile. This has been put to good use by industries that run on gaming, advertisements, online entertainment, etc. So, the salary that is fixed for a VFX specialist usually depends on factors that include expertise, market value, work experience, client requirement, and specialization.

Usually, a VFX artist can expect to get between Rs 2.5 to 4 lakhs per year on a beginner level, and once you gain some experience this can go up to Rs 6 to 10 lakhs a year. Once you are an expert in this field, then the sky is the limit.

Major job roles in VFX for young and creative minds are – lighting artist, layout artist, matt painter, roto artist, match mover artist, compositing artist, and rendering artist.

Future of VFX Career

Leaving the Hollywood industry, even Bollywood and Tollywood have been offering lucrative job opportunities to VFX artists as there has been a dynamic change in these sectors. With the introduction of VFX, the quality of films has enhanced, and people are getting attracted to world-class fantastic scripts.

This consistent demand for good films is going to be never-ending. Future predicts that VFX is going to be like the old wine that never fades in its taste, and its value is also going to increase with time.

You can also witness that the present trend includes VFX-creating movies that would declare a houseful in cinemas and theaters after their release. Even marketing sectors are including VFX to create top-notch advertisements.

In conclusion, the VFX career is ever-growing in terms of movies, video games, and OTT platform. So, you have a whole lot of scope that you can explore by joining a leading VFX institute in Kolkata. You can also explore a lot of successful careers.