Should I learn VFX course first or animation course in 2024?

The entertainment industry has become the fastest growing market, even during the pandemic. When the entire world witnessed an economic setback, the entertainment industry was running full-fledged. This proves that animation and VFX job profile holders never lost their job and maintained healthy competition throughout the period where other people were losing their jobs. 

Alongside this, the introduction of the latest technologies has also opened the scope to work on remarkable projects that include animation series and films. So joining a reputed VFX Institute in Kolkata will give you an opportunity to cash on the demand for professionals to work in this industry.

You would be pleased to know that during the pandemic, the entertainment industry was able to hold a Rs 24.5 billion business. Also India is fast emerging as the fastest growing market for streaming platforms and is said to be the sixth largest OTT market by 2024.Thus, there is no doubt that it is indeed a lucrative profession. Moreover, the rise of demand for commercials, web series, high-quality movies, and OTT have made the film industry more indulgent towards animation and cinematic effects. 

Even marketers are looking forward to including animated campaigns and advertisements. So, there is a huge vacant space for professionals, and it can only be filled by certified animators and VFX creators. 

Without any second thought, you can easily learn any animation and VFX course in Kolkata to be a part of this huge, proliferating industry. 

But, what should you learn first – Animation or VFX? Well, we will answer that. Keep tuned till the end.

Reasons to choose Animation and VFX as a profession

If you are an animation or VFX aspirant, here are the reasons why you must choose these professions:

Tremendous growth, and many opportunities

There has been huge growth in filmmaking and also the animation market is at a boom. The expansion of the animation industry has paved the way for a digital era. Many companies and workshops are hiring professionals to meet their requirements for television and VFX divisions. Top cities like Kolkata have made a mark in creating a pool of creative animators who are being sourced all over the globe.. You can easily join an animation institute and join an Animation or VFX course in Kolkata.

Investors are willing to make huge investments

Investments, when talked about from the domestic revenue, have accelerated double folded since 3-4 years back in the animation field. Moreover, it has crossed overseas as well. According to future predictions, the animation and VFX business will surely make an major expansion by 2025. This includes animators, production houses, content providers, etc. The demand for high-quality content has brought in many investors willing to invest their money in this industry.

So, even if a recession hits the globe, animators and VFX creators will still have their finances and jobs secured. 

Confused!!! What to choose First – Animation or VFX course

We understand that finding a valid career option can be pretty daunting. And, as a student, you must also have peer pressure and responsibility to meet the demands of your career perspective. So, we advise you to check your aptitude and select a career with future potential. 

You must always choose a satisfactory career path that brings a lucrative salary. So, narrow down your research and get a program. Select a lesson or subscribe a course that sounds fulfilling because that is a base for any career development. We will suggest a course in Animation or VFX, which any day is the best shot.

All you have to do is apply for an Animation course or a VFX course in Kolkata. Thus, you can easily be part of the highly profitable booming industry.

But, here comes a basic question – Which one should you choose: animation or VFX?

So, do not get confused and try to understand the term Animation and VFX. They are completely different in their respective field, application, workability, and concept. But, it often seems to overlap, but with time, you will be able to distinguish them without hassle. 

Let’s start with their definition so that you can decide.

What is animation?

Animation is a sequence of motion given to still objects, images and illustrations. These are either in 2D or 3D form and the method of capturing them in quick succession gives the illusion of movement. Usually, animation films are created with this technique. Along with this, certain software is used to get the desired effect. 

The output you see is created through illusions and movements that are incorporated. Thus, an entire series is required to create motion. The common software used are Blender, After Effect, Autodesk Maya, 3Ds Max, Houdini etc. 

All these techniques are used for creating animation. To become an animator, you also need to learn about hand-drawn pictures, which are then modified through computer-generated software.

What is VFX?

On the other hand, VFX indicates visual effects. You can see specific expressions of the characters as an output. It does not have to be an animated film, but these effects can be incorporated into any movie that includes real-life characters. You can join a Visual Effects Training in Kolkata to learn more about the VFX and its techniques.

VFX is actually a part of the post-production of any project. These are also referred to as computer-generated imagery, CGI. They have specific steps such as creating, replacing, and enhancing to reach the final point. 

The most common tools used in today’s industry are Adobe Animate, After Effects, 4D Cinema, and Autodesk Maya. Here you mostly have to create the character with clay or other models to apply realistic effects. 

Which one should you learn first?

Animation course involves the basics that include creating objects or figures through drawing. These are then transformed into motion pictures. So, being an expert in this field, we suggest you start with the basics first. This would help strengthen the knowledge pillar, and then you can proceed to an advanced level.  

When you get accustomed to the preliminary courses of animation, then move towards adding effects. This involves creating life-like characters for movies and series. Thus, after animation, your next step should be to get admitted to a VFX Institute in Kolkata and learn VFX.

Degrees you need to apply

Both animation and VFX careers are quite lucrative. Still, you need a creative bent of mind and a good drawing skills specially if you have to make a career in animation.

You can also do a course in Fine Arts or Visual Arts apply for an Advance Program in Visual Effects. Alternatively, you can exclusively choose to join a VFX course in Kolkata.

Selecting the best animation institute in Kolkata

It’s not about spending money and getting admitted to any expensive institution. Rather, you must choose an Animation or VFX Institute in Kolkata that provides a holistic all round development. It must also help you upgrade your skills and creativity. Alongside, you could also opt for institutes that allow you to express your work and help you learn about the latest technology. Get some references from past students or friends about the institute before joining a VFX course in Kolkata.

The courses you get to learn about

When you are admitted to any VFX or animation course, you learn about designing, animation, rendering, life drawing, etc. The goal is to create a realistic visual that looks similar to real life. This can only be achieved through practical and theory classes by getting admission for Visual Effects Training in Kolkata.

Other than this, as primary career options, you can also look at working in the post-production department that includes artists in charge of live action, footage framing, rotoscoping, motion graphic designing and fluid effects generation.

Skills you need to have

You must have skills, passion, and knowledge in designing, drawing, painting, anatomy, photography along with observation skills which is very important for an animator. We believe you must have already covered these basics in your high school. So, it would be quite easy for you to grasp the animation syllabus. 

Now, for technical skills, you must know about Photoshop, UI design, Adobe After Effects, Autodesk Maya etc. There are also specific traits that you must have to succeed in this animation industry. 

Besides this, you also have to pay attention to minor details; even the strands of hair for the characters should be perfect. A small mistake can lead to a negative outcome. Also, you must understand how you can manipulate distance colors and other visual effects. 

But, above all, you must have the scale to envision any scenario and create realistic visuals. By joining a VFX course in Kolkata, you will understand that creativity and design skills are important in this field.

Professional Skill

There is one core element that is necessary to accomplish any animation project – a collaborative effect. Thus, you must value teamwork while working on either series or an OTT platform. You must have the skill to work with your team and also help them to understand your thought process. The basic organizational skills include communication, interaction, well-documented reports, and clear and precise ideas. To begin, you must join Visual Effects Training in Kolkata. The professors at these reputed institutes can help you to develop these professional skills with time.

Jobs You Can Apply 

If you join animation, then the job profiles that you can apply for are – 2D animator, 3D animator, storyboarding artist, texturing artist, 3D modular, etc. 

On the other hand, if you join VFX, then the most demanding professions are compositing artist, roto artist, matte painter, match mover, layout artist, lighting artist, etc.

Can You Apply for Both Animation and VFX Courses?

The question is, whether you study both subjects together? Actually, both animation and VFX are required to create high-end animation films. So, typically “Yes”. You can apply for a certificate in both subjects, choose the course based on your passion. You do not have to search high and low, Arena Animation and other similar institutes offer you both animation and VFX course in Kolkata.

One of the Best Animation and VFX Institutes in Kolkata

Within a few years, the animation industry has taken an unusual turn. It has been a driving force for many aspirants who want to join this creative industry. If you are interested in unique art and creating innovative stories, and you are definitely sure that the viewers would like it, then you are most welcome to the team. 

The common examples we can give in terms of animation are movies like The Lion King, Avatar, etc. These are all created through VFX along with animation content. In India, you can see Baahubali, RRR, Brahmastra and more, as the mega-blockbusters that contributed to the success of Indian artists and the film industry.

If you also want to be part of the post-credit list, you must join the best animation in Kolkata. The city of Joy has never failed to create talented individuals, and Arena Animation along with other institutes like Frameboxx help in achieving your dream. 

These institutes have been working to create a solid career foundation for students. Here you get to select both animation and Visual Effects Training in Kolkata as your learning field. The programs are created by experts who have been involved in the industry for years.

They have knowledge about teaching the software based on the present demand and situation. Thus, based on that, you get cutting-edge knowledge and the right set of skills to achieve the pinnacle of success.

So, you can ask the animation and VFX Institute in Kolkata whether you can join both VFX and animation dual course. Or, you need to pick any of them, as per your requirement and choose the other one as your specialization for a rewarding career.


The advantages of both these courses are that they are quite simple to learn and do not require a hefty amount of money or put you under stress. There is no strict schedule, but you need to be disciplined to learn and go through the course. This is the only way you would get highly paid in any animation job.

Just for the sake of money, you cannot join any career. You must have a passion for it. Only if you are interested in cartoons, drawings, or storytelling – should you get admission to any animation institute and gain Visual Effects Training in Kolkata.

Moreover, if you compare the occupation of an animator or a VFX creator, both are highly paid  compared to any other technical profile. The starting salary is 3-4 lakhs for an entry level, which can rise, sky being the limit. So, what are you waiting for? Join a course and prepare yourself for a successful animation career.