How to become a professional graphic designer..?

Are you looking forward to building a career in graphic design? But, you seem to be confused! Well, we can help you to decide and guide you on becoming a professional graphics designer. You can start by joining a reputed graphic design Institute in Kolkata.

The present marketing environment is all about communication and graphic designing is very vital in promoting a brand or service. Graphics is used for businesses to gain visibility through content that is visually appealing so that it can lead to increased sales and build competitiveness among companies.

Have you seen the graphic design done on Coca-Cola, Cadbury, ITC or Reliance  ? These are called power-packed designing for a layman. It takes more than just creating any art. The visuals and message are given priority to convince the viewers or buyers. 

Basically, graphics designing is considered to be a powerful form of conveying messages, and only a professional graphic designer can create eye-catching designs. A lot depends on graphic design as it has the power to either make or break a business. 

Thus, every marketer, from today’s viewpoint, is looking for visual elements that can be combined with an efficient marketing strategy. This would take their business to the next level. It would help build brand consistency and generate trust among the audience.

So, let’s get to the core details and how you pursue your passion for this lucrative opportunity.

Who is looking for graphics designers?

There are many viable job opportunities if you are a graphic designer. Companies are looking for a talented person who can create a website, brochure, product packaging or social media post with the right touch of creativity and outstanding design.

Not only established marketers but also an entrepreneur needs a graphic designer for the company to make a first impression. A well-designed graphic design can create a professional image and recognition for a company.

So, if you are a passionate graphics designer, then you are just a few steps away from getting a 6 digit salary. You must know how to become a professional graphic designer at first to encase all its benefits.

When to start preparing to choose Graphics design as a career?

If you have always had a passion for drawing, art, or graphics from high school, then you should engage in building a career in graphic design. Your love for art and creative mind can become your career. So, join a graphic design Institute in Kolkata and grab a lucrative job at the end of your course. Always remember the more creative your portfolio is, the more easily you can get a job. 

When you are the beginner level, you can start your journey by enrolling in a  Graphics Design Course In Kolkata, and learn modules such as fundamental designing, topography, introduction to color theory, web designing, etc. This will help you to understand the different aspects of how graphic design and visual media works. You also get familiar with the style baseline that includes text, font, color, shape, textures, etc., to apply for the next level.

How to become a self-taught Graphics designer? 

Let’s start with how to become a self-taught graphic designer. Basically, there are many graphic Design Institutes in Kolkata that can help you with building a career in graphic design. But, if you cannot afford it, then you can go for free online Graphic or Motion Graphics Design Courses In Kolkata.

However, we must remind you at this point that most companies look for certified graphics designers. So, try to get in touch with institutes like Arena Animation and Zee Education, who have been helping their students to reach the pinnacle for years. They have affordable Graphic Design Course Fees in Kolkata structure and a great curriculum offering formal education in terms of graphic designing.

Now, get into the step-by-step process of becoming a graphics designer.

Learn about the fundamentals

You need to understand the principle of designing and how to use different elements such as color, balance, contrast, etc. The good news is that 2023 is going to be all about graphic designing, and you can also join Motion Graphics Design Courses In Kolkata along with still graphics to increase your knowledge and improve your opportunities of getting a job. 

Choose your niche

If you have an interest in any particular area of graphic designing, such as website designing or social media, marketing designing etc., then you must find the proper resources. This will help you to gain specialization in this part. Along with that, you also need to stay up to date about the latest designs and trends that are being followed in the market. Try to go through free websites that offer various designs and styles. This would help you with inspiration and get ideas for the next project.

Tool investment 

Tools and resources are very much important for a graphic designer. You need to consider the right tools that would help you to build a perfect design. The basic tools that are recommended are CorelDraw, Freehand etc. If you have achieved the basic technical skills, then you can gain mastery in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop which are the most important tools that are being used by graphic designers all across the world. They offer power-packed performance to create high-quality designs. We understand that learning about new tools and techniques can be quite intimidating. Thus, a graphic design Institute in Kolkata can help you in this matter to learn in a systematic manner along with assignments and projects that will help you create a creative portfolio which in turn will help you get a job.

Draft a plan to work

You need to plan your work and create samples that you can send to clients or employers who are willing to hire you. There are plenty of options you can choose from, and as an inspiration, try to spin the already present graphics. You can redesign the logo or recreate any marketing material. This helps you to refine the designing process and also puts you into a regular practice of upgrading your graphic designs. 

Yes, it is also true that you need lots and lots of hard work to put up a great collection and to receive feedback. But, do not get discouraged, as eventually, you will unleash your design style.

Build a strong portfolio

Simply designing and graphic design portfolio is not enough. You need enough of an audience to view it. You need to showcase your hard work so that everybody can get to know about you and your creative work. This will help marketers or any professional or employed to contact you directly, thus helping you to grab exciting projects or any freelancing job. 

Every company looks for talent, and with the right platforms, you are just beginning your fruitful career ahead. The only advice an established graphic expert can give you is to practice and hone your graphic designing skills to upgrade your creativity

Create connections 

Networking is very important for graphic designers in this marketing industry. You must not underestimate any individual. The more skilled you are, the more connections you have to build so that you can get to the core of the industry. Connecting with experts in this field can help to gain an opportunity to sign contracts or build a partnership. Community building can also help you to get positive feedback, and you get to grow as a designer.

You can propel your skills to get in-hand experience in the real world. Try out entry-level jobs or internships. Along with that, you also need to work on your soft skills and marketing skills to crack the best interviews or market your designs to the right audience. Social media can help you play this part in a major way.

Looking for a Job

The annual wage for a graphic designer starts from Rs3 lakhs per annum and keeps on rising to around Rs 6 to 8 lakhs based on your advancement in training. Socialization, working with design firms and dedication decide your salary hike. Moreover, the salary also depends on the type of job or industry you work with, such as newspaper, digital marketing, graphics production, entertainment, etc. So, keep looking until the job profile matches your interest.

How to become a certified graphic designer?

The steps for becoming a certified graphic designer remain somewhat the same as discussed in the previous section. 

The first step:

You must have already gained knowledge about the basic graphic principles. This will help you to create a solid ground or base and understand what the audience actually feels about your design or what you must be created to please the audience.

The second step:

You must enroll in a graphic designer course where you get to meet professionals who will teach you the fundamentals. You also get introduced to mentors and peers to understand the principles and design aspects. Along with learning about user experience, you also go through structured academic support. You can also join Motion Graphics Design Courses In Kolkata.

The third step:

As the Graphic Design Course Kolkata advances, you gain flexibility in the subjects and understand the importance of the graphic designing field. Here you get to know about the different graphic tools and also shortcuts. You get familiarized with resources and how to implement them. There are professionals to help you out. Moreover, institutes like Arena Animation and Zee Education charge affordable Graphic Design Course Fees in Kolkata.

The fourth step:

You do not need to look for projects; rather, the institute itself helps you to join companies who want to recruit interns. This helps to build your career graph from the very beginning. They will also teach you how to create a strong portfolio and why you should focus on quality rather than quantity. They also teach you how to deal with potential clients and create a first impression. Moreover, you get to demonstrate your skills and interest in a very effective way, so it looks professional.

Different Types of Graphic Designers in the Industry

When you are all set to grab your own project, then you need to understand the range of clients that you will be dealing with or brands. There are three types of graphic designers:

In-house graphic designer 

These are the individuals who are employed by any company, and they need to work for the company’s needs and in house requirements. Starting from creating annual reports to marketing campaigns, every work is based on the company’s requirements. These companies usually have a creative team, and you would be one of them. By working as an in-house graphic designer, you get to build in-depth knowledge, understand long-term goals, improvise strategies and also improve previous work. Here you get a proper working environment and specific working hours.

Agency graphic designer 

Here, you get to work for various brands and clients. Usually, these agencies hire you for a fixed period of time. Based on long-term or short-term projects, or it can also be based on a specific niche. Your expertise is the only requirement to create a design. Here you might have to work as a solo designer, but established designers are also there to help you with projects. The learning scope might be less, but you get most of the working experience with a steady income.

Freelancer graphic designer

They are usually called self-employed. Starting from managing clients to developing invoices, they have to look after the entire task. The benefit is that there is a wide range of clients and a variety of projects to deal with. This is self-motivating and also has a high business opportunity. You get the flexibility to work from any place you want. Remember, you have to create a strong client base, along with high-end graphic designing. You also need to understand marketing and how to handle any administrative task. The payment of work depends on the project, the amount of work, and the budget of the client.

What are the qualities you need to become a graphic designer?

You need to learn and develop your skills and, along with that, practice more and more so that you can see your own development. Get hold of personal projects, make yourself a brand, and create a web presence for yourself.

You need to highlight your best work and create a portfolio that would engage potential clients. Build a network so that you can find clients and keep searching for job opportunities on websites that are meant for freelance.

You can also ask your friends for recommendations. Remember, when you are just building your career, then take up as much work as you can accomplish. However do not overburden yourself, and keep consistency in your design. As you become more established, you can become selective or choose with whom you want to work.

Always ask for feedback from your clients, which will help you to impress your next client or project. Also, maintain a proper workflow and always keep a steady network. Get in touch with social media advertisements or other individuals associated with the field to create a stable career.


At present graphic design is a growing field and based on the demand, there is no decline in its requirement. You can add additional skills such as animation, website designing, multimedia designing, UI/UX design, etc.  Thus, you can accelerate easily in your career as a professional graphics designer. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Arena Animation, Zee Education or any other reputable graphic design Institute in Kolkata, to build a career in this industry.