How to Choose The Best Animation Training Institute In Kolkata

Animation works around creativity and skills, and the right kind of training gives you all these if you want to become an animator. Animation is indeed a lucrative profession, and for the past few years, it has been in huge demand. 

As the audience is making progress toward watching more animated movies and series, all the film industries across the globe are hiring skilled animators. Thus, you, as an animator, can get a high-end salary and the scope to work with the great movie directors in the industry.

However, you just cannot declare one day that you are an animator. Or, going through a few YouTube videos doesn’t make you an animator; you need to earn the title. So, your first task is to join an animation institute in Kolkata that offers the best placement, such as Arena Animation in Kolkata.

Searching for a reputed animation institute in Kolkata

Kolkata has developed in terms of scope for animators and videographers. There are many lucrative job opportunities in the animation industry that have increased in this ‘City of Joy’. Along with that, to support your dreams of joining a reputed animation studio, many institutes have also come up.

Even if you search online, you can find various animation institutes in Kolkata that have been developing in the city. But, you must always go for the one that has been making a mark in global settings, such as Arena Animation in Kolkata. 

You just cannot enter any animation institute blindly; you need to consider certain factors, and based on these, you have to choose the animation institute. You have to ensure that the institute you are going to apply to has all the features and unmatchable education quality.

Basically, learning is an art, and you need to choose your master’s well so that you can get a proper placement in the animation industry in the near future.

So, let’s get to know about the factors based on which you can choose an animation institute

What is animation?

Before we get to the criteria of choosing a decent college and then getting a proper placement, we must understand some basic knowledge of animation. Why has there been a recent craze for animation and VFX? 

An animation is basically a form of digital art that combines photos, drawings, and other elements and gives it movement. You get to create 2D and 3D models that are part of the media industry. We can also call an animator an artist, but there is a difference. Instead of using canvas and paints, here you need to work on computers with software to create characters. 

The core job is to create a visual story, such as in movies or videos, where the characters are brought to life. But, to understand how to create these animation characters and how to use the software that are made for animation, you must have a distinct set of skills. Now, this is where animation institutes play an important role.

If you are quite interested in animation, then you can get admission to the best animation institute, i.e., Arena Animation in Kolkata.

How to Select the Perfect Animation Training Institute in Kolkata?

You need to prioritize these aspects if you want to get admission into one of the best animation institutes in Kolkata:

Animation course category

Some of the institutes offer short-term courses. They claim that they are going to teach animation within a short span, and you will get the placement quite easily. However, it is not true, as you need to get to the detailed knowledge of how to work with animation and understand each and every minute of the process that will help you land a proper job. 

So, look for an animation institute in Kolkata that covers the entire syllabus for animation, has quality content to offer, and has a simplified learning process. You can also check whether the animation institute uses the animation software like Autodesk 3D Max, Maya and Houdini to help their students learn faster. Also, check whether they teach how to use the basic tools that an animator needs to use in the future after stepping into the animation field. 

The syllabus includes advanced materials

It is always highly recommended that every animation college in Kolkata should teach live-action and 3D animation. Designing being a part of classic animation principles, an animator should have adequate knowledge of life drawing, storytelling, storyboarding, and character designing.

Thus, we would suggest you should join a full-fledged animation course and get the right skills instead of joining any crash course that gets over within a few weeks. Get to know about other software like Blender, Adobe Audition, Adobe Photoshop, Maya, etc.


Location is also a very vital aspect when choosing an animation institute in Kolkata. This usually gets ignored. The institute you are choosing must be well connected with the transport system and provide good facilities for bus, train and railway stations. 

The institute must be located in safe surroundings and try to avoid the ones that are in remote places. Because, just in case of an emergency, you need to get back home safely. Moreover, check if the institute setting is safe for women. 

Teaching methods and assessment

The methodology that is implemented by any animation college in Kolkata is very important. You need to understand how the teachings are being facilitated. Check how your skills are being assessed, whether there are regular tests or whether it is divided into a semester system. 

A proper teaching method will help a student grow in the field and also help them to develop their skills much more easily. You must note that the teaching methods and curriculum have advanced a lot within the past 10 years. 

Thus, relying on traditional methods of teaching is not acceptable anymore. You must keep this on note while seeking admission into that institute. Also, try to understand whether the course curriculum has been designed keeping in mind the latest trends in the animation market. 

Quality of faculty

Before you join any animation institute, you should take your time and decide properly. Go and meet the teachers and the faculties who are in charge of teaching. Check whether they are qualified and experienced. Note whether they will be able to prepare you for your portfolio, train you for the job and whether you will be able to understand the training program. 

It is always preferable to learn from the best in the industry so that you can get a taste of the real animation field around you. Go through the academic background of the faculties and check whether they have been associated with any project. Also, check whether they have been working with any animation industry after they graduated.

Moreover, you can also conduct a background check of the college, and before you finalize, don’t forget to get in touch with the former students of the institute. You must get a clear view of the mentors and faculty teaching in that respective institute. This would make your selection process easier for the best animation institute in Kolkata.

Placement facilities

When you get admission to any college, you are definitely likely to join the one that provides job facilities. Do check whether the college is directly in touch with any companies who are going to provide a proper placement after you have completed the course. This also reflects the quality of education that is provided by the institute. Moreover, you can track the record of past students who got placed in the animation industry.

Talk to the former students and understand how the college’s reputation works and what impact it has in providing job facilities. You can also check whether the college alumni are associated with the top branches of the animation industry in your country. Also, note whether the animation college in Kolkata has a proven network and connections to help you grow after you complete your course in animation. 

The infrastructure of the animation colleges in Kolkata

Before you join any animation institute, you must visit the college and go through the infrastructure of the college. Taking a tour of the campus will help you to get an idea about the facilities, quality, and supportive systems that have been implemented in the college. If possible, then go through the computer lab, classrooms, and library and check whether they have been modernized. If they are still following the traditional means, then you must switch to other choices.

Further, you must look at whether the college is offering any internship program or workshop to help the students grow in the field. Also, check the progress of the animators who are already associated with the institute. Note whether the institute has any possible connection with popular animation studios or Film production studios and whether students are allowed to be part of it. All this will help to enhance your skill, grow your knowledge and provide your better place in the animation field.


Never fall for advertisements because they can be deceptive. Go through the aspects mentioned above and prioritize each and every fact personally. This will not only help you to get vivid evidence about the animation institutions around you but also help you to make a rational choice and justify action while getting admission.

Choose the Best Animation Institute in Kolkata – Arena Institute

Arena Animation in Kolkata has been an inspiration for students, teenagers, and experienced artists. This institute is counted among the top 10 in India owing to its remarkable supportive facilities designed specifically to help students.

The Arena institute offers the best programs for the students so that they can get a proper placement in the future. The institute is not only associated with animation and VFX but also teaches video game creation. They have also been implementing advanced teaching technology.

Moreover, they have an accurate, adequate student-teacher ratio so that every student can progress and develop practical skills. They understand that every student has a unique learning setting, and based on that, they provide hardware and software learning. You get to enroll in courses that are also customizable. 

Learn from the best

Furthermore, based on the requirement, you get to meet the best mentors in the industry who have unmatched experience and offer state-of-the-art learning techniques. The best part of joining Arena animation institute in Kolkata is that if you have any other commitments, you can fulfill them without any second thought, as the schedules are quite flexible.

Teaching standards

Going by the past records, the former students of Arena institute are associated with national-level projects and animation studios. This makes them one of the best organizations that have been training more than 5000 students. While studying, you can also acquire a job as a freelancer in the top industries, such as VFX, web designing, animation, etc. Arena animation institute in Kolkata focuses on the building process and maintains a high standard of education, responsibility, and competence.

Easy payment method

The most exciting fact is that just after completing your course from Arena animation, you can grab the best marketable skills and land a job in the best organization in India. The course fee is also nominal, and you can also get support from their Course Fee which is charged in installments and is well spread out. Even the West Bengal Student Credit Card scheme is also applicable. Hence, you face no issue in joining this world-class facility.

Placement Unit

The parent body of the institute is Aptech Ltd which has been helping students get jobs in the best animation forms across India. You would be excited to know that Arena institute not only has a decent placement unit but also, their sole responsibility is to help every student associated with the institute to get a job by the end of the course.


Now, you must have a detailed idea about how to choose the best animation institute to brush up on your skills and kickstart a career in animation. With Arena Animation in Kolkata to help you out, you will definitely accelerate in the field of animation. So, Good Luck!