How Can The Web Development Trends Impact Businesses?

Web industry is evolving rapidly. The trends of web development changing frequently to give users a better experience. And now considering today’s time, every business should start adopting those changes to be in the game, because research shows that more than 50% of internet users stop engaging with your company if the site is unattractive or outdated…

Every company small to big should stay updated with the web development trend to attract consumers. Since web development helps our company to increase product knowledge, maintain communication between company and client, generates leads for the business.

So today we are going to point out some web development trend which has put an impact on 2018 business word. So let’s get started.

1. Chat Robots :

Since 2016, Chat websites are famous. But in 2018 it became a mandatory content for a website. We all aware of the fact that this chat box are basically number of robots working and without human assistance interaction with the consumers are .proceeding. This service of bots make this particular technology a trending tale for web development in 2018.

Every company are approaching this chat-box technology or chat-box websites to give their customers better experience. Doesn’t matter whether company is selling electronic gadget, toys or selling services we can see chat box in popping up in every websites.

2. Virtual Reality:

Virtual Reality or popularly termed as VR is ruling the gaming industry with advent of oculus Rift we all know. And now this technology is on the card for web development. To give the VR experience in transition of website is the new target in 2018. Companies like Google, Mozilla are working on it. This development is going to huge mark in web industry.


By simplicity we meant Single page websites. Yes in 2018, Single page website is trending. Simplicity is the key. Users or consumer want trouble free experience and single page website giving this facilities to the consumers. It avoids difficult navigations, multi-level menu and make browsing easier. Hence every business, every companies are approaching this feature in their websites.

4. Java Scripr’s:

JavaScript is the best programming language ever and within a very short span of time it has evolve so much. Angular ^ was released on 4th may 2018 and this major release focus less on the underlying framework and more on tool chain.

Recently, i.e. on 2nd August 2018 the first beta of angular 7 the modified version.

The highlight of this release is s Ivy, Completely new render engine based on the incremental DOM architecture., This evolution of language is the trending thing this 2018.

5. Motion UI

Flashing ads, GIFs are gone now Motion UI is trending. This includes header transition, animated chart, cinemagraphs… And needless to say this features we almost every good designed website in this year. This Motion UI can draw more attention to critical element and attracts client

It is a SASS library designed by developers. This Library was created by one “ZURB” one of the leading design company. On Oct 2017, the brand redesign their Motion Ui and it and open source so that anybody can contribute their design.

These are some of the web development trends of 2018.Websites and web developments are important in today’s business world. And no business can really ignore this trends.

Web development is a huge content the more you learn the more you get know. If you want to learn website development then search for web development course Kolkata have. Keep learning, Keep sharing.

That’s all from our side. We will be back soon. Stay tuned